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25+ years of Excellent Service
Many real estate brokers and agents also operate as property managers. And thus it starts....for us it was a result of a Dutch onwner, owning a second home in Citrus County, requesting a manager for their property.  We had our first customer.​

Our company does it all. We provide realtor services, property management and rental services, long term rentals and short term, vacation rentals.

 We assist our guests if they wish to purchase a vacation home or investment home. In many cases our customers are "absentee owners" and will engage our management services.

We will maintain and we are responsible for their property and deliver services such as lawn & pool care, take care of invoices, A/C maintenance and Pest treatments, budgeting expenses, securing renters, collecting rent, complying with laws and regulations, and making sure the customer's home is well cared for. This also includes preventive maintenance, repair or corrective maintenance, routine cleaning and maintenance, and supervise remodeling.
Property Management & Rentals - American Service with a Dutch Touch 

Our property management company provides the home-owner, whether you are from the United States or a foreign country, with an all-in management service. Our team is available 24x7 and has over 25+ years of experience in the Service- and Travel business. 

Our property management services for your vacation- or second home is tailored to your needs. Not only do we offer our rental program and guest services for your vacationing and long term tenants, but we take care of your home while you are away. 

Whether you decide to use your home yourself, or you would like to rent it out, we will cater to your needs. 

The vast majority of our customers use our services, listed below. But if there is anything specific you would like us to take care of, we will tailor your package.

  • Pool service
  • Lawn service
  • House cleaning 
  • TV/cable & internet
  • Pest control
  • A/C maintenance
  • Invoices and bills
  • Handy man services
  • Maintenance of sprinklers
  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Tax preparation and much more.....

If you are interested in receiving more information about us and our services, please send us an email!
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